Here’s What’s Happening at Valley Life!


Coffee With the Pastors

If you’re new to Valley Life, and want to get to know us better and help us to get to know you better, come out to the “Coffee With Pastors” (watch for the date). This is just a relaxed way to chat with the pastors over a cup of coffee.

The Huddle

We are excited about The Huddle, the VLC Men’s Ministry! The Huddle is where men can come together to learn, build, grow, and serve one another. When we huddle we are genuine, intentional, and purposeful. We are called to be participators in the Kingdom of God, not spectators.

    The Huddle provides us with the platform to encourage one another in being husbands, fathers, employees, and servants that find our identity and mission in Jesus Christ.

   Each month we will have some teaching (video) and then small group discussion.

    The next Huddle will take place in January,2019.